want to learn?

while making great photographs is a life-long endeavor, you can learn the fundamentals in no time at all if you put in the time and have the proper instruction.

sure, there are innumerable videos on the internet that will teach you how to take pictures -- but if you enjoy hands-on, in-the-field learning, i would love to partner with you in your introduction.

i do not have any formal photography education. but what i do have is fifteen years of experience in a range of genres, on basically every camera system currently available (and some no longer available!). everything from landscapes, street photography, and real estate work to portraits, studio work, corporate headshots, boudoir, and concert and event photography.

i can teach you to shoot film or on digital cameras, and i have equipment for you to borrow if you are still undecided on what to get. there will be no judgment and i am open to teaching all skill levels. i'd be honored to work with you, and you'll get a few photos of yourself as a "thank you", if you'd like.

yeah, yeah, now for the money part...

although i really enjoy teaching people photography and want it to be accessible to everyone, my time is obviously limited. i feel like we could get you a very solid foundation in two or three hours. if you cannot afford my mentoring rate or if you have extenuating circumstances, please reach out! i'll do what i can to make it happen.

$100/hr (+ film cost, if used)
$25 flat rate for equipment rental*

*my cameras are insured -- if something happens while you're using it, no sweat!


- fifteen years of experience
- have personally owned and used canon, nikon, sony, fujifilm, pentax, olympus, hasselblad, mamiya, yashica (and more!) camera systems
- fully capable of teaching beginner, intermediate, and pro-sumers a thing or two
- can teach you about film and how it works
- lightroom editing (in crash course form or comprehensive)


i live in baltimore, maryland, but i am regularly in my hometown of birmingham, alabama. i am available for mentoring on the east coast within two hours by car and maybe a little further by train (with travel costs covered).


you can email me (evanwileysmith@gmail.com) or use the contact form on the bio page on this website.

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